When we started Himalayan Hammock, we knew we were setting out on a long journey making products we loved, doing things we enjoyed and travelling to places we dreamed of.

Along this journey we wanted to Share the Joy. For this reason, we started the Hammock For Happiness Project. As a hammock company we thought what better way then to share the love of hammock through hammocks for people in various parts of rural Nepal.

We did not want to make it a handout, we wanted this to be something practical and meaningful.

This is when we came up with the idea to provide mosquito net compatible hammocks to communities in southern Nepal where summer temperatures soar in the high 40s forcing people to sleep outdoors.

The mosquito compatible hammocks would help stop the spread of deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Then on 25th of April 2015, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck, many lives were lost and a great amount of infrastructure were destroyed.

IMG_20150414_181438(Pic above: Farm house before the earthquake)

This struck close to home, our farm house and many houses in the community were either destroyed or damaged.

As the community slowly tries to rebuild, we thought of ways we could help revive the community.

Keeping this is mind, we are in the process of starting the Hammock For Happiness Horticulture Project.

The earthquake was a reminder of the force of mother nature. She is to be respected and cared for.

Our goal remains simple: Use horticulture and agriculture practices to generate extra income to participating households within the community.

IMG_20150606_192820(Fields being prepare for corn plantation)IMG_20150711_183722(Celebrating ropai or rice plantation with the arrival of monsoon)

IMG_20150717_152028(Himalayan Hammock providing a spot to relax with major ground to cover)